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Please note that AmeriCorps Alums Chapters are all volunteer-led and in various stages of development. Chapters range in status from building membership and finding chapter leadership to being well-established chapters with a strong membership and leadership base. 

To inquire more about a chapter's status and its membership and leadership opportunities, please reach out to the individual chapter. If you have any challenges connecting to a chapter or are interested in starting one, email AmeriCorps Alums at for support.

Chapter E-mail Facebook Twitter Blog LinkedIn
Anchorage (AK) E-mail         
Arizona E-mail

Asheville (NC) E-mail
Atlanta (GA) E-mail Facebook  Twitter     
Austin (TX) E-mail Facebook Twitter Blog
Bay Area (CA) E-mail Facebook Twitter LinkedIn
Baltimore (MD) E-mail Facebook Twitter
Birmingham (AL) E-mail Facebook
Bangor (ME) E-mail Facebook Twitter

Bloomington-Normal (IL) E-mail
Boston (MA) E-mail Facebook Twitter Blog LinkedIn
Buffalo (NY) E-mail Facebook Twitter    
Chicago (IL) E-mail Facebook Twitter Blog LinkedIn
Columbus (OH) E-mail Facebook
Connecticut E-mail Facebook Twitter Blog
Dayton (OH) E-mail Facebook
Delaware E-mail
Denver (CO) E-mail Facebook Twitter Blog
Des Moines (IA) E-mail Facebook
Grand Rapids/West MI AmeriCorps Collaborative (MI) E-mail Facebook Twitter

Guam E-mail        
Hawaii E-mail Facebook      
Houston (TX) E-mail Facebook Twitter LinkedIn
Hudson Valley (NY) E-mail  Facebook Twitter    
Kentucky E-mail        
Knoxville (TN) E-mail Facebook Twitter Blog LinkedIn
Lansing (MI) E-mail
Las Vegas (NV) E-mail
Los Angeles (CA) E-mail Facebook Twitter LinkedIn
Little Rock (AK) E-mail
Madison (WI) E-mail
Maine E-mail Facebook Twitter Blog
Mesa County (CO) E-mail

Metro Detroit (MI) E-mail
Miami (FL) E-mail Facebook Twitter Blog
Midcoast Maine E-mail Facebook
Milwaukee (WI) E-mail Facebook Twitter LinkedIn
Montana E-mail Facebook
Monterey County (CA) E-mail Facebook
Montgomery (AL) E-mail
Monticello (VA) E-mail        
Nashville (TN) E-mail         
New Hampshire E-mail Facebook Twitter LinkedIn
New Orleans (LA) E-mail Facebook Twitter Blog
New York City (NY) E-mail Facebook Twitter
Northwest Washington E-mail Facebook
North Texas E-mail Facebook Twitter Blog LinkedIn
Oregon E-mail   Twitter    
Orlando (FL)          
Palm Beach (FL) E-mail
Panama City (FL) E-mail        
Pittsburgh (PA) E-mail Facebook
Philadelphia (PA) E-mail Facebook
Puerto Rico E-mail     
Quad Cities (IA/IL) E-mail Facebook    
Raleigh-Durham/Triangle City (NC) E-mail Facebook      
Richmond (VA) E-mail Facebook      
Rhode Island E-mail Facebook      
Roanoke (NC) E-mail      
Rochester (NY) E-mail Facebook      
San Antonio (TX) E-mail  Facebook  @ACAlumsSA    
San Diego (CA) E-mail Facebook Twitter    LinkedIn
Santa Cruz (CA) E-mail        
Sacramento (CA) E-mail Facebook      
Seattle (WA) E-mail Facebook Twitter    
South Dakota E-mail        
Spokane (WA) E-mail    
St. Louis (MO) E-mail Facebook     
SW Colorado E-mail      
Tallahassee (FL) E-mail Facebook    
Tampa Bay (FL) E-mail
Twin Cities (MN) E-mail Facebook    
Vermont E-mail        
Washington D.C. E-mail Facebook Twitter
Whitesburg (KY) E-mail    
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AmeriCorps Alums Virtual Grad School Fair

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AmeriCorps Alums Virtual Graduate School Fair

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