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The AmeriCorps Alums network of chapters is the connection point for local engagement of our alumni.  Currently, we operate over 85 chapters across the country, which creates opportunity for our alumni to continue to serve, build professional relationships, and receive professional development training.  If you are interested in viewing a list of our active chapters, click here to view.  To learn more about our National Chapter Council who works to strengthen and support the chapter network, click here.


What if there is not a chapter in my city/region where I reside?
If no chapter exists in your city, you should join your state chapter. While some state chapters are not active, joining the chapter allows us to affiliate your membership geographically. If you wish to form a chapter in your area, please complete the following chapter leader application, and AmeriCorps Alums will review and respond accordingly. Apply here.

How can I get involved with my chapter?
Each active chapter is led by a group of alumni leaders who conduct service projects and other activities on a regular basis. On your chapter homepage, a list of upcoming events will be listed where you can view information and register to attend.

How are chapter leaders selected?
Each chapter leader must submit a chapter leader application that is reviewed by AmeriCorps Alums staff. The applications will be reviewed on the following dates: January 1-15, and May 1-15.
If approved, the chapter is issued a certification letter that allows them to operate a chapter under the umbrella of AmeriCorps Alums. Chapter leader terms are one year in length and can be renewed annually. Once a certification letter is issued, chapters are expected to meet certain benchmarks to maintain its good standing. A list of benchmarks can be found by clicking here.

How do I join a chapter? How do I determine which chapter to join?
Join a chapter by clicking the "join chapter” button on the homepage of the chapter to which you would like to join. You should join the chapter in the city in which you reside.

How many active chapters does AmeriCorps Alums have?
As of April 2014, AmeriCorps Alums has over 85 chapters that are active and in good standing

How does AmeriCorps Alums evaluate the efforts of its chapters?
Each year, AmeriCorps Alums conducts an annual chapter report that active chapters are required to participate in. Additionally, AmeriCorps Alums evaluates chapter efforts around signature service events, including MLK Day, AmeriCorps Week and 9/11 Day

What does a chapter leader do?
Chapter leaders are responsible for guiding the efforts of their chapter, including staying abreast of national AmeriCorps Alums priorities and keeping those priorities connected to their respective chapter.

How do chapter leaders connect with each other?
Each month, AmeriCorps Alums hosts a monthly chapter call from 8-9pm Eastern on the final Tuesday of the month. This allows chapter leaders to hear the latest national updates and share best practices among each other.  For other questions, please contact
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