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AmeriCorps Alum of the Month Nominees: Sept, '07
The nomination deadline for Ocotober ended September 15, 2007
It's that time of the month.  The nominations for the October, 2007 AmeriCorps Alum of the Month® are in, and now it's time for you to decide on the winner.  Below you will find a list of the final four candidates for Ocotber, 2007.  The names of all nominators have been intentionally omitted.  We now leave it to you to decide who you choose to honor as the October, 2007 AmeriCorps Alum of the Month®.  To gather more information on each candidate, please feel free to visit their profile by clicking on each member's name.

Sylvia Galvan (Vote for Sylvia)
Nomination Submission:
Sylvia Galvan is an AmeriCorps Alum of the National Rapid Response Corps. She served two terms very successfully (1998-1999 and 1999-2000). During her term she assisted with several disaster relief operations (including one in Puerto Rico). After her term of service ended, Sylvia became a staff member with the American Red Cross where she has served with distinction. During Hurricane Katrina, Sylvia served as the lead shelter manager for the Dallas convention center (which housed a thousand people over two months time). Sylvia dedicates herself to helping those affected by disasters 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. She supports 300 volunteer staff in her work with the American Red Cross. Her dedication and enthusiasm are second to none. In addition to serving with the American Red Cross, Sylvia spends her spare time volunteering with the Hugh O'Brian Youth Leadership program as a part of the seminar committee and facilitation staff.
To vote for Sylvia as the September, 2007 AmeriCorps Alum of the Month, please click here now.

Ruth McCrea (Vote for Ruth)
Nomination Submission:
Ruth McCrea just finished her 2nd term with MSC AmeriCorps. Ruth has been a leader and a go-getter from the beginning! She chaired the committee for our MSC AmeriCorps MLK Celebration which was a huge success and chaired the committee for our 9/11 Rememberance Day and is currently helping the next person for this coming 9/11 Day to make sure that everything is passed on to the next year smoothly. Ruth served this year at the Counseling and Education Center and took it upon herself to create a Serenity Garden for the counselors and youth out of a ugly weed patch in the back of a garage area. Her perserverance is awesome, and she has rallied many people from the community to help create a beautiful, serene area for kids with anger management issues to relax for a bit. Ruth has a spirit of giving and is not afraid to dig in and do the work to make positive change. I would send photos, but did not see a way to do so. Thank you for your consideration.
To vote for Ruth as the September, 2007 AmeriCorps Alum of the Month, please click here now. 
Sandy Spencer (Vote for Sandy)
Nomination Submission:
The spirit of Sandy Spencer is best illustrated by referring to her favorite quote, “Be the change you want to see in the world”. She not only believes in this mindset but lives it each and every day of her life. She was a Team Leader during the NCCC class XII but in that role also became a confidante, friend, teammate, and mentor all in one, and I am honored to have had the opportunity to stand alongside her while the NCCC worked to make our country a better place. Sandy went above and beyond the call of Team Leader duty, always the first one ready in the morning, and the last one to finish working at the end of the day. She volunteered for the most undesirable jobs and gave 110% no matter what the task at hand may have been. Throughout all the trials and tribulations of Americorps, Sandy not only held our team together, but provided support to the entire corps with her positive outlook, strength of character, and strong commitment to service.
To vote for Sandy as the September, 2007 AmeriCorps Alum of the Month, please click here now.
Nomination Submission:
Aquarius Vann is presently an elected Family Commissioner with the District of Columbia Housing, in Washington, DC. Aquarius is a natural advocate of Social Injustice for those of us who are homeless, on the Housing Waiting List and above all residents. She is committed to at risk youths. As a Housing Commissioner Aquarius influences other members of the District of Columbia Housing Authority to hire residents, and those of the Homelessness population. She is a super organizer. I recommend her for an award. Since serving as an AmeriCorp Aquarius now has a Bachelor Degree from the University of the District of Columbia in Urban Studies Social Planning, along with a certification in NonProfit Leadership. She is currently recruiting women in DC for Cancer Screening through Project Nuturing Our Women.

To vote for Aquarius as the September, 2007 AmeriCorps Alum of the Month, please click here now.
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