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December 2011: Issue No. 1

In this issue

No. 1: Inaugural Issue No. 2: Career Development Program
No. 3: Career Survey No. 4: Professional Development Webinar

» Inaugural Issue

Over the past few months, AmeriCorps Alums has been hard at work expanding our menu of career development resources. To that end, we are proud to announce the launch of theAmeriCorps Alums Career Newsletter, a monthly e-publication that will highlight career opportunities, promote upcoming professional development webinars, and spotlight training resources.

At the core of this launch lies our deep belief in the leadership potential thatexists among the over 700,000 AmeriCorps alumni. Through our countless discussions with individual alumni, we have seen you continually lead, over and over again, in your life after AmeriCorps. It is our hope that the AmeriCorps Alums Career Newsletter will offer you new opportunities to continue that leadership, or at the very least, to build on top of the leadership skills you already possess.

Each issue will contain four articles:

  • Feature of an organization or higher education institution that will match your interests and skills
  • Highlight of an upcoming professional development webinar
  • Coverage of relevant and appealing career resources
  • Miscellaneous article that will be crafted to suit the newsletter's current issue

Our promise to you is to work diligently and with integrity to ensure that this newsletter meets your professional needs- by maintaining open communication with you, our audience.

»The AmeriCorps Alums Career Development Program

Our focus is simple: matching the best talent in the nation with the best organizations in the nation. The Career Development Program expands the current menu of career offerings, which includes our Career Center and Education Center, by adding a monthly career newsletter, regular professional development webinars, and greater communication of career-related activities via our social media properties. Increasing our menu of options will increase your chances of matching your talents and skills with organizations that will help you lead and thrive.

»Career Survey

We are interested in hearing how we can improve the AmeriCorps Alums Career Development program. So that we can better identify your professional and career priorities, please take a brief moment to complete our career survey by clicking here.

»Professional Development Webinar: Life is What You Make It!

Grammy award-winning artist and philanthropist Peter Buffet will offer insight into his new book, Life is What You Make It: Find Your Own Path To Fulfillment. Mr. Buffet will be hosting a webinar exclusively for AmeriCorps alumni on Thursday, December 15th from 3:30PM to 4:30PM Eastern Daylight Savings time. Register for this event here.

How will the webinar focus on AmeriCorps alumni?
Mr. Buffet believes AmeriCorps alumni are in a unique position to lead because of our commitment to service. That background of service will help to frame the webinar by discussing how alumni can translate a passion for service into a path toward fulfillment. Below is an excerpt of a recent blog post by Peter Buffet.

AmeriCorps alumni have already made this important step. You all think more about what you can accomplish in the world than about how the world does or doesn’t reward you. Your years of service give you tremendous potential in the next phase of your careers. As an alumnus of the program, you are in a unique position to place your values at the forefront of your lives and create a more just and equitable world in which success is measured by what we create for each other. What a fine position to be in!

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