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April 2012: Issue No. 5
Exclusively Sponsored by Urban Teacher Center

Urban Teacher Center (UTC) recruits service-minded individuals from across the country who are ready to become the most effective, expert, and results oriented urban public school teachers in the nation. UTC’s current teachers already include a growing number of AmeriCorps alumni from City Year and other similar AmeriCorps programs. Kamilyah Sudderth, a UTC Resident in Baltimore who is originally from California and spent a year working for City Year in Columbus, South Carolina after graduating from Spelman College, said it best--"I applied to UTC for the extensive mentoring and coaching, the dual M.Ed. degree and the chance to be a part of a network of like-minded peers.” UTC strongly encourages AmeriCorps alumni to apply.
UTC is a four-year, alternative teacher preparation program that operates in Washington, DC and Baltimore (and soon additional cities). Each cohort participates in an intensive year-long residency, followed by a three-year teaching commitment in a high-need urban elementary, middle or high school. UTC residents prepare to become highly competent teachers; in addition to the clinical experience, they also enroll in a free Master’s of Education program that is directly relevant to the urban teacher. All UTC teachers are part of an unprecedented commitment to student performance: only those who can demonstrate that they can improve student learning will complete the program.
For more information or to apply, click here. Our remaining application deadlines for the 2012-13 school year are: April 15 and May 15, 2012. The program for the 2012-2013 school year begins on June 20, 2012. The application is available on the UTC website.

Eliza Harris
AC Program: NWW ReadingCorps Served:'09-'11

Lakendra Smith
AC Program:
City Year
Served: '11-'12

Kamilyah Sudderth
AC Program:
City Year
Served: '11-'12

Omar Tanamly
AC Program:
ReadyCorps & NWW ReadingCorps
Served: '09-'11

Networking is a skill that can be difficult to master, and knowing where to network is a good place to start.  AmeriCorps Alums has compiled a few networking ideas aimed at boosting your career prospects.
AmeriCorps Alums Chapters
AmeriCorps Alums chapters are filled with successful professionals in a broad array of career fields. If you haven't attended a chapter event in your city, we encourage you to view our list of active chapters and start connecting today. Our AmeriCorps service is our common bond, and that can be a useful networking tool when it comes to your career.
Professional/Skill-based networking
Depending on your career and skill-set, AmeriCorps Alums recommends you join the professional association that most closely resembles your skill-set.  In addition to opening up career paths, membership in your respective professional association can increase your access to the latest trends in your profession.  Examples of professional associations include the Association of American Educators, the American Marketing Association, and the American Medical Association- to name a few.
Locally-based networking
TEDx: Created in the spirit of TED’s mission, "ideas worth spreading,” the TEDx program is designed to give communities, organizations and individuals the opportunity to stimulate dialogue through TED-like experiences at the local level. TEDx events are fully planned and coordinated independently, on a community-by-community basis.  Visit for more information.
IGNITE: Ignite is a geek event in over 100 cities worldwide. At the events, Ignite presenters share their personal and professional passions, using 20 slides that auto-advance every 15 seconds for a total of just five minutes.  Visit for more information.
Nonprofit-based networking
Join a non-profit board: Many of us have a passion around a particular cause.  A great way to pursue that cause, while also networking with leaders is to join a non-profit board board of directors.  Non-profit boards are often comprised of leaders across a diverse set of industries, and can provide an opportunity to connect with these leaders on a consistent basis.

The difference between receiving an acceptance or rejection letter to the graduate school of your choice is often very close.  Recently, AmeriCorps Alums spoke with several graduate schools to determine what can make the difference when a school considers its newest class of enrollees.  Here's what we found:
  1. Clearly articulate why you want to attend that specific school. There are a lot graduate schools with similar/same degrees but each place has a distinct feel, student population and academic focus. Demonstrate to them why you are the right fit for that one particular school.
  2. Balance your heart and head. While graduate schools want the best and brightest, they also want students who don't fit the cookie cutter mold and can demonstrate their passion and commitment for what is driving them to this field. If there's a personal reason for why you are pursuing this graduate degree, don't be afraid to explain those reasons in your essay.  This is  what often distinguishes candidates academically and ultimately pushes them to make a significant impact in the field.
  3. Don't sit back and just wait for them to contact you. Stay in touch with the school and reach out to relevant professors and research staff to learn more about the school, courses and research. Be assertive, not aggressive and you'll demonstrate how proactive you are to your academic life and to your career.

On Thursday, April 17th, 2012, AmeriCorps alum, Denise Riebman, will conduct a webinar on writing a resume that gets NOTICED! Denise was the Assistant Dean of Career Services at the Heller School, Brandeis University, and served in AmeriCorps*VISTA ('94).  To register for this event, please click here.
How will the webinar focus on AmeriCorps alumni?
Your resume is an important tool in getting you noticed by prospective employers. Denise will focus on how to tap into current resume trends to articulate a clear, concise message, highlight results and demonstrate exactly why you are THE perfect candidate for a position! The workshop will be delivered through the lens of those who have served in AmeriCorps.

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