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August 2013
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Clark University Targets AmeriCorps Experience, Offers Over $500K in AmeriCorps Alums Scholarships in 2013 Alone

Clark University is a small, academically innovative institution located in Worcester, Massachusetts—the heart of New England.  It offers a personalized, collaborative learning experience to its graduate student community. Clark students work across disciplines, network and conduct research with prominent faculty and alumni, and gain the capability they need to challenge convention and change the world. In classes with peers from around the globe, Clark students apply new-found skills to help solve real-world problems. Like AmeriCorps, Clark’s mission is to develop dynamic leaders who make a positive impact on the lives—and livelihoods—of people in the U.S. and abroad.

Clark does this through its master’s degree programs in the
Graduate School of Management (GSOM)  and the International Development, Community, and Environment (IDCE) Department. Clark’s community of scholars and practitioners, which includes many AmeriCorps alumni, is dedicated to fostering environmental sustainability, social justice, and economic well-being in both the developing and developed world.

Combining this philosophy with its strong commitment to service programs like AmeriCorps Alums, Clark is a leading graduate school option for AmeriCorps alumni throughout the country. Clark’s commitment includes:

  • Providing over $500,000 in scholarship assistance to AmeriCorps alumni enrolled in 2013
  • Offering a minimum of $23,520 in scholarship assistance to all AmeriCorps alumni admitted to GSOM or IDCE graduate programs
  • Waiving the application fee for all AmeriCorps alumni applicants

Take Laura Cane, an AmeriCorps VISTA alumna and 2011 Clark graduate who served in Michigan Campus Compact, Lansing, MI from 2008 to 2009, for example.

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Ask The Career Coach: Managing Unemployment

by Denise Riebman, AmeriCorps '94

Each month Denise takes questions from the AmeriCorps Alums LinkedIn Group and responds in our "Ask the Career Coach" column.  If you have a question for Denise, you can submit it here.

Question: If you aren't employed by the time your service term ends, what are your options? I have heard you can't go on unemployment and I am really concerned I won't be able to support myself while I look for a job. It's got me completely terrified, please help!

 Anytime you are in an employment transition, uncertainty can rear its doubtful head as you question who you are, what you offer and why it seems like EVERYONE else is landing a job.  First, remember it just feels like you are the only one in this situation but that is not reality.   Second, this is not going to last forever.  Third, you still have options and choices. These four questions can put you on a path of confidence, certainty and employment:  What is your unique situation?  What are your options?  What are you putting out there?  How are you showing up?

What is your unique situation?

How much do you REALLY need to make each month?  Be honest and realistic – cable is optional; food, not so much.  Can you get unemployment?  Are you able to relocate?  Can you get roommates or move back home?  Unfortunately, AmeriCorps members are not eligible for unemployment when their term ends but if you are post-service and now currently between jobs,
check here for more information on eligibility.

Panic is a common reaction to unemployment but panic is a choice and it doesn’t need to be yours. Take the time to draft a budget, research relocation options and assess your resources.  If you know your timeframe, finances and flexibility, you can calmly figure out what options are available to you.

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AmeriCorps Alums Revamps FREE Career Center

To help streamline your job search experience, AmeriCorps Alums has revamped its Career CenterThis career resource will still be available to you at no cost, but the retooled Career Center gives you quicker access to search jobs, post your resume, and create job alerts.  It also combines the ability to search for candidates if you are looking to hire AmeriCorps alumni.  Visit the new career center today by clicking here.

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August Webinar: Civic Work, Civic Lessons

Meet the authors of Civic Work, Civic Lessons during our August professional development webinar on Thursday, August 22nd, from 12PM to 1PM Eastern time.  Using a book talk format, authors Thomas Ehrlich and Ernestine Fu will provide a unique intergenerational perspective on public service. Ehrlich has spent much of his career in the federal government, including as a CNCS Board member. Fu started a non-profit organization at an early age and then funded projects led by youth.  Join us for this engaging discussion on the importance of service for the 21st century.

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