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12 Steps to Building a Local Chapter
  1. Contact us: Visit, to find a chapter already being organized near you.  To see a list of chapters that are already operational, click here now.
  2. Host a Meeting: Invite your local Hands On Network affiliate (, State Commision (, and other local AmeriCorps stakeholders to start thinking about what the chapter should look like.
  3. Begin Recruitment: The national office may be able to help you find alumni in your area-- contact us at to get started.
  4. Become Incorporated: Becoming incorporated provides your chapter with an added level of financial legitimacy.  It is recomended that you check with the website of your local secretary of state to determine the appropriate rules and regulations governing not-for-profit status in your state.  Contact Dr. Timothy Johnson for assistance in this matter at or (770) 877-0169.
  5. Hold Informational Meetings: Get a regularly scheduled monthly chapter meeting on the calendar, and don' get discouraged by poor attendance!  By keeping a standing meeting, you build some consistency that people will come to expect and that builds mementum.
  6. Create Work-groups: Develop work-groups that clearly define expected outcomes for each of the work-groups.  Typical work-groups may include: programming, stratgic planning, special events, fundraising, recruitment, and AmeriCorps program outreach.
  7. Plan an Event: Ask Americorps Alums' national office for ideas and resources for service projects and other events to engage alumni.
  8. Set Up Communications: acts as an ideal converging point for members to gather.  Our online community effectively operates as a communications tool that can: post events, register members & display registrations for those events, post the contact information for chapter leaders, and list the latest news that concerns your local chapter.
  9. Create Some Materials: a flyer, brochure, or one-pager is a good stock resource for leaving behind at meetings, recruiting members, and even to help with fundraising.
  10. Register Your Chapter: Contact us to get listed as the Chapter Leader in your community on the national website and other communications
  11. Promote Your Chapter: You are the leader you have been looking for!!!  Boldly promote your chapter by challenging your alumni peers and community stakeholders to get involved.
  12. Get Started!
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