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March 2012: Issue No. 4
Exclusively Sponsored by Monterey Institute
In this issue:

The AmeriCorps program offers tremendous learning opportunities and work/life experiences—this is widely known. What doesn’t always get as much attention is what a perfect launching pad AmeriCorps service can be for future graduate school students who are looking to get their feet wet—and their hands dirty—in any number of careers related to community development and social change.
For its part, the Monterey Institute of International Studies (MIIS) has a long history of partnering with organizations like AmeriCorps and the Peace Corps that offer participants the opportunity to work directly with local populations and service organizations. AmeriCorps alumni come to MIIS with a passion for community service and social change that prepares them well for programs such as the Master’s in Public Administration or the Master’s in International Environmental Policy.
Continue reading here to learn moreabout why the Monterey Institute might be right for you and learn about Joshua Warburg, a recent AmeriCorps alum, who is studying at MIIS. Scholarships are available to AmeriCorps alums for Fall 2012, with an extended application deadline until May 15th. Learn more at

Many of us exit AmeriCorps with uncertainty about how to translate our Americorps experience onto our resume. AmeriCorps Alums has devised a few tips and tricks to help prepare for an interview and/or creating a resume that integrates your AmeriCorps experience.
Translating Your AmeriCorps Service During an Interview
  • Identify competencies and skills used in your AmeriCorps service
  • Provide examples of when you learned or how you successfully applied the skills
  • Demonstrate to prospective employers how those skills meet the job requirements for the job you seek

Incorporating Your AmeriCorps Experience into Your Resume

  • Focus on the skills used, not the job title "Volunteer" or "AmeriCorps Member"
  • Consider using a functional resume format
  • Customize your resume to the job you are applying for and list relevant accomplishments
  • Prioritize your skills and accomplishments to show what is most important and what you are best at first

For a more in depth presenation of this topic, please click here.


Many of our alumni already actively use the AmeriCorps Alums Career Center to their advantage, but in case you aren't aware of all its features, or are not currently using the AmeriCorps Alums Career Center, AmeriCorps Alums wanted to highlight a few tools that can help simplify your employment search.

Create or Upload Multiple Resumes

Create or upload your resume(s) today.Once you have a resume created and saved in our system you can publish it to our Resume Bank so employers find you. Or keep it private and use it when applying online for jobs. Choose an option to get started.

Create and Save Multiple Cover Letters

You can create cover letters that you use when you apply for jobs online. This tool can help store and centralize all of the cover letters that you will use in your employment search. Get started here.

Create Job Alerts

Simplify Your Search. Don't have the time to search through new job openings every day? Set up a customized Job Alert and the openings that match your criteria will be emailed directly to you.

»Professional Development Webinar: AmeriCorps Week Career Panel


As part of National AmeriCorps Week, AmeriCorps Alums is presenting a webinar on March 13, 2012 from 3:00PM - 4:30PM Eastern that will feature alumni who work in a variety of careers. Facilitated by AmeriCorps Alums Executive Director Ben Duda, the webinar will be organized in a panel format, and will discuss how their AmeriCorps experience was leveraged in the panelists' respective career fields. Register Here. 

How will the webinar focus on AmeriCorps alumni?
The webinar will provide unique perspectives from five alumni on how they leveraged AmeriCorps as part of their career. Careers will be varied so as to give insight into multiple career-types. The National AmeriCorps Week Panel Webinar has been designed to illustrate how AmeriCorps experience can be tapped as part of your career choice/path. Sign up today.

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