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Overall Concept:

The Get HandsOn Campaign will mobilize an extraordinary number of Americans to improve their schools, protect their environment, and ensure the economic well-being of their friends and neighbors. It will do so through recruiting and equipping large numbers of volunteer mobilizers, who are those taking individual initiative to improve their communities and recruiting, leading or enabling others to participate. AmeriCorps alumni are a key target market of this effort, and are estimated to contribute significantly to the overall goals.

How You Will Make An Impact:

Key Messages:

  • It is up to each of us to create the change we want.
  • AmeriCorps Alums and HandsOn Network will help you create that change.
  • Together we can transform our neighborhoods, our communities, our cities, our world.
Specific Goals:Through the campaign we will:
  • Help Young People Thrive:
    • Teach Kids to Serve – 1 million additional school-age kids involved in service
    • Volunteer in and for Schools  - 150,000 new adult volunteer champions in schools, at least half of them in low-income and/or underperforming schools
  • Help Conserve Resources:
    • Cultivate Community Green-Space  - 50,000 new community green-space volunteer champions
    • Reuse More Stuff -- 50,000 new recycling/reuse volunteer champions
    • Save Energy – 50,000 new energy-savings volunteer champions
  • Help Neighbors Prosper
    • Share Financial Know-how - 25,000 new financial literacy and tax credit volunteers
    • Make Healthy Food More Easily Available - 125,000 new community gardeners and food bank volunteers

How You Can Get Involved:

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