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AmeriCorps Alums Leadership Council Overview


The AmeriCorps Alums Leadership Council was chartered by the Hands On Network Board of Directors to advise Hands On Network and support the staff of AmeriCorps Alums in setting the strategic goals of the program through planning, and align the direction of AmeriCorps Alums with the strategic goals of Hand On Network, a major business unit of the Points of Light Institute. The role and mandate of the council includes advisory functions in strategy, programming, finance, membership, marketing and policy efforts.

Age: 4 years old
Membership: 9-17 sitting members.

Current Group: Represents large national direct programs, CNCS, State Commissions, business professionals, Hands On Network affiliates, and AmeriCorps alums.

Committee Structure:

  • Executive: Chair, Co-Chair, and Committee Liaisons. Oversight of overall progress for Council 
  • Standing Committee: Provide guidance on the following areas-
    • Finance/Resource Development: (Financial analysis of current fiscal health. Develop and assist with implementation of fundraising strategies and partner/sponsor development. Assess revenue generation of AA business units. etc.) 
    • Marketing/Communications: (Assess current communication strategies. Provide guidance on branding and marketing campaign.) 
    • Policy Development/Advocacy: (Review current policy issues affecting organization, national service, and AmeriCorps Alums. Develop annual policy priorities. Assist with creation of strategic partnerships for advocacy.) 
    • Nominating Committee: (Recruitment of new Leadership Council members) 

LC Member Role:

  • Serve in an advisory role to AmeriCorps Alums in order to strengthen its capacity to meet its mission.
  • Term (October-October): 2 years (maximum of two terms or 4 years),
  • Provide significant contributions to support/further the mission of AmeriCorps Alums. Significant contributions may include:
    • Raising funds through hosting a fundraising events, individual donations, letter writing campaign, corporate giving, etc.
    • Soliciting new business for AmeriCorps Alums in the areas of new members, national membership contracts, training contracts, etc.
    • Providing pro bono services to support priority areas of AmeriCorps Alums (i.e. drafting proposed legislation, creating training curriculum, etc.)
  • Participate in quarterly Leadership Council Meetings via phone or in person. Travel costs to meetings are the responsibility of each member.
  • Actively serve on at least one committee.
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