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November 2012 Newsletter
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Nov. 2012 Issue

I remember one Thanksgiving during my NCCC year. Our team was doing post-earthquake repairs with a Northern California Red Cross, and living/sleeping inside the Boys and Girls Club in Vallejo, CA. Our team was homesick; far away from family, tired from sleeping on the floors, and many of us had nowhere to go for Thanksgiving. Pelton Stewart, the Club's Executive Director knew this, and invited 8 of us to join his multi-generational family for the holiday. I'll never forget his hospitality and the spread of southern and traditional Thanksgiving fare he shared with us. I'm reminded this time of year, and thankful for all the amazing, genuine and generous people I met during my time in AmeriCorps.

The season of giving is upon us and I'd like to say "Thanks” to the over 775,000 AmeriCorps Alums who have served in AmeriCorps. Thank you for donating to support our vision of Alums as the pipeline for 21stCentury Leaders. Thank you to the Alums who are currently on the front line of the Sandy relief efforts. Thank you to Alums who bring the "getting things done” credo into every walk of life and career path, and continue to show that AmeriCorps works. Thank you to Alums who share their story of service and are inspiring the next generation to join AmeriCorps.

This month's One Thing for you to Say Thanks to AmeriCorps. Comment on this post on our Facebook page and share the photo with your personal network about why you're thankful for having served in AmeriCorps. Were you able to use your certifications towards a relief effort or at a volunteer event? Did your project management skills help you succeed in your current career? Are you just thankful for the impact you were able to make through AmeriCorps? If so, we look forward to hearing your story.

In Service,

Ben Duda
Executive Director, AmeriCorps Alums

Congratulations Senator Martin Heinrich!

AmeriCorps Alums would like to congratulate newly elected Senator Martin Heinrich of New Mexico on his nomination and being the first ever AmeriCorps Alum to sit in Senate. We're thrilled to have an Alum, amongst other pre 1994 VISTA and Peace Corps alumni be an advocate and voice for national service.

Thank you Martin Heinrich for showing us that AmeriCorps Works in the U.S. Senate.

Thank You Veteran Alums

"Most importantly, when you meet a veteran let them know that they have a home in the National Service movement and that we need them.” – Chad Elbandagji

Thank you to our Veterans who have served our country through the Armed Forces and AmeriCorps.

Your dedication to service is admirable and continues to inspire Alums to live a Lifetime of Service!

AmeriCorps Alums Respond to Sandy

Lisa Tatum, AmeriCorps Alums of North Texas - Chapter Leader and alumni of AmeriCorps*NCCC, reflects on her six day deployment to NYC in response to Hurricane Sandy.

Bunked up in a Methodist Church with 30 others,
"It felt a lot like a spike during NCCC. We knew where we were going and that we had a place to stay, but everything else we learned on the ground.”

She met members from AmeriCorps St. Louis who were also deployed, as well as an Alum who works for Volunteer Fairfax and was also deployed to support the Sandy recovery effort. Lisa left most inspired by the 24 person, ALL-VOLUNTEER, staff of the Long Island Volunteer Center, who all "worked tirelessly day –after –day following Sandy, even though they are a volunteer staff and they themselves were impacted by the storm.”

Did you serve in the Sandy relief or have an account similar to Lisa's? If so, we encourage you to email for more information on how we can share your story.

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