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December 2012 Newsletter
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Dec. 2012 Issue


December is a great time to share gratitude and celebrate what a great year it has been. For me, moments like cohosting AmeriCorps Alums Day at the White House and convening my National Advisory Council, a group of talented and diverse alums, stand out. For the organization, events like having Alums showcase how AmeriCorps Works during AmeriCorps Week in March, expanding to over 60 chapters nationally, and training our 1000th member through our monthly national professional development webinars are testaments of how far our organization has come. And the list goes on.

So what's next for AmeriCorps Alums? 2013 is going to be monumental for us as we've got ambitious goals to expand our national network and increase our member benefit offerings. We want to build new partnerships that will help you get jobs, join nonprofit boards, gain more access to Segal AmeriCorps Education Award matching institutions, and make a difference in your local community.

We believe in the limitless leadership potential you, as an AmeriCorps Alum, represent. That's why we're working hard to position our work and impact around the idea of the pipeline of 21st century leaders. We want our network to be a jumping off point for your career; our chapters to be the place you go to make meaningful connections in your city and find ways to continue serving your community. We want to convene thought leaders and host exceptional events that shine a light on the power of service and the talent that AmeriCorps shapes and hones.

Thank you for your service. This month's ONE THING is for you to "tell me what you think AmeriCorps Alums should be in 2013.” Tweet me your thoughts at @BenDuda or by email at

Here's to an incredible 2012 and a limitless 2013 – have a safe and happy holiday season.

In Service,

Ben Duda
Executive Director of AmeriCorps Alums

Announcing National Partner - Quicken Loans

Refinancing and Buying a Home Just Got Easier

We’re excited to announce that Quicken Loans is joining AmeriCorps Alums as a national partner. Quicken Loans provides free educational resources on the home refinancing and buying process, such as a customized website, and Home Loan experts who are available by phone for mortgage and home financing inquiries.

This benefit is only available to registered AmeriCorps Alums. Mention your AmeriCorps Alums membership when you contact the Quicken Loans Mortgage Insiders at (888) 329-3496 or online in order to receive these benefits.

Also, check out this video that demystifies the mortgage process and demonstrates why the Quicken Loans company culture is a great fit for our organization.

Top Stories of 2012

We heard many great stories of AmeriCorps service in 2012! From the first AmeriCorps Alum in the Senate to lists on the reasons Alums would make fantastic dates, you read and shared with friends and family why AmeriCorps Works and matters in your life.

Here are some of the top posts (based on views) from our AmeriCorps Alums blog:

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