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JULY 2013  

In This Issue
1. Is AmeriCorps On Your Resume? 2. Civic Work, Civic Lessons
3. MPA @ UNC 4. Online Store

Is AmeriCorps Still On Your Resume?


I believe in the power of AmeriCorps.  I believe that service is a critical strategy to addressing the country’s biggest problems AND is a transformational experience for those of us who’ve served. Some of the best people I know are folks I built a playground, designed a summer curriculum, or ‘cut’ a trail with. So what happens when the lights go down and you take the ‘A’ off for the last time? 

AmeriCorps Alums is built on the promise of a Lifetime of Service.  That AmeriCorps brings together some of the smartest, most passionate individuals, who’ll go on to power companies, organizations and movements with genuine leadership.  And that we’d be CRAZY not to try and stay connected to each other and build a larger community of alumni across programs. That’s the idea, and we’re working hard to that end every day– from yesterday’s webinar on careers in social justice to partnering with BoardSource to build the next generation of nonprofit boards to sharing stories through our ‘Made in AmeriCorps’ campaign. Do you believe there should be an alumni network too?

Let’s put our ‘A’ back on.  Put it on your resume. (Hopefully it has never left).  Add AmeriCorps to your LinkedIn profile as a ‘cause’ you care about and join our LinkedIn group  What better way to meet alums that are working in your field and in your city, and care about the causes you do then to proudly self-identify as an AmeriCorps Alum.

In Service,

Ben Duda
Executive Director- AmeriCorps Alums

p.s. LinkedIn published a new infographic today that helps illustrate ways to improve your profile, including #5 adding causes and additional volunteer experiences (your AmeriCorps term goes in #4 – national service is not volunteering)

2 Generations Join Forces To  Reflect on Public Service

Tom and Ernestine are 57 years apart in age, but share a passion for public service. And in these times when there is much that divides society, they provide powerful vision for how ‘civic work’ and changemaking is the path we all should follow. Stanford Professor Thomas Ehrlich and student Ernestine Fu coauthored a new book, "Civic Work, Civic Lessons: Two Generations Reflect on Public Service.” Thomas Ehrlich was a member of the Corporation on National and Community Service board, and has also has held positions in the administrations of four presidents. Ernestine Fu founded a nonprofit organization to bring music to those in need and is an active supporter of social entrepreneurs.

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AmeriCorps Alumni and MPA@UNC: Building Better Public Service Leaders

AmeriCorps alumni, like Karissa Shafer, Education Program Specialist at the U.S. Department of Education, are dedicated to leadership in public service. MPA@UNC, the online Master of Public Administration program at the top-ranked University of North Carolina School of Government offers alumni like Karissa the opportunity to earn an MPA degree online and take the next step in their public service careers.

"I left the classroom after three years of teaching with the hope of making a broader impact on improving our public school system, especially for those students in greatest need. The MPA@UNC program gives me an opportunity to engage with and learn from individuals from a broad range of public sector fields, pushing me to think through issues from outside the educator’s lens,” said Shafer.

MPA@UNC combines demanding self-paced coursework with a state-of-the-art virtual classroom experience that includes:

  • Live, face-to-face classes delivered online by renowned UNC faculty designed to help students develop their leadership and project management skills and put their passion for helping others to work.
  • An academically rigorous curriculum that instills the knowledge, skills, and values required for effective public leadership.

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AmeriCorps Alums Launches New Online Store


The new AmeriCorps Alums online store is now live!  Whether you are searching for graduation gifts for members of an AmeriCorps program or you are just looking to show pride in being an AmeriCorps Alum, we've got a selection of options that will fit your needs.  We've taken your feedback, and created a new online store that carries the most popular items and gear that you've asked for.  Start shopping here.  Proceeds directly benefit AmeriCorps Alums.

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