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September 2013: AmeriCorps Turns 20!


In This Issue
1. 20th Anniversary of AmeriCorps: We're Just Getting Started 2. Share a 20th Anniversary Message On Social Media
3. Chapter Spotlight: L.A. Chapter Kicks Off 20th Anniversary 4. 20th Anniversary Content to Check Out and Share

20th Anniversary of AmeriCorps: We're Just Getting Started

"A testimonial from an Alum is always the most powerful way to share the impact of national service."

I heard this direct quote, and multiple versions of it, while I was in Washington DC last week to celebrate the 20th anniversary of AmeriCorps with hundreds of other champions for national service.  At an event sponsored by CNCS Friday morning, we heard three Alum testimonials from Dhri Pandya (AmeriCorps Volunteer Center of North Texas), Abby Flottemesch (AmeriCorps VISTA Puerto Rico) and Charles Adams (Public Allies DC) that embodied how AmeriCorps Alums are the leadership pipeline for the 21st century.  Whether expanding corporate volunteer opportunities in under-served classrooms, building an international civic-talent fellowship, or at the leading edge of education innovation and school leadership – Alums take what they learn in AmeriCorps service and translate that into grit, determination, quick-thinking and countless others skills that ALL employers in every sector are looking for. (We made this argument in Huffington Post over the weekend and got lots of great feedback – please read and share!)

That’s also why I say "we’re just getting started.”  The 20th anniversary of the signing of the legislation that launched AmeriCorps was last week.  But the 20th anniversary of the first members being sworn-in will be next September, and we’ll celebrate the anniversary of the first alumni in 2015 – so we’re just getting going on recognizing what it meant to us to serve in AmeriCorps and what it means to be Alums.  In the coming year, we’re going to convene a Storytelling Campaign to capture the most inspirational, powerful, and representative testimonials of the power of AmeriCorps to launch one’s career and life, dramatically increase the percentage of the 880,000 Alums of AmeriCorps that are engaged with us, and convene events and celebrations across our chapter and partner network next Fall.

The power of national service is the transformative effect it has on building vocal leaders for the 21st century.  I hope you’re as excited as I am to ‘carry this commitment with me this year and beyond’ as AmeriCorps Alums.

In Service,

Ben Duda

Share How AmeriCorps Alums Represent a Return on Investment

As part of celebrating the 20th Anniversary of AmeriCorps, our column on the Huffington Post makes the case that Alums are a pipeline for 21st century leaders and represent the civic return on the AmeriCorps investment. Help us spread the word through Twitter and Facebook with these pre-generated post:

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Chapter Spotlight: LA Chapter Celebrates the 20th

The Los Angeles Chapter of AmeriCorps Alums hosted a 20th Anniversary kick-off event on Saturday, September 21, partnering with L.A. Works, that started with a service project and ended with a social. The event was a great opportunity for AmeriCorps Alums to meet and network with other Alums while also living out the ‘lifetime of service’ by conducting a clean-up of historic Franklin Canyon Park
Greg Ericksen, the Los Angeles Chapter co-president shared, "We had 50 current AmeriCorps members and Alums come out, which represents a great turnout for the L.A. Chapter.  We are going to utilize the 20th anniversary as an opportunity to catapult the chapter in the next year.  We saw a lot of new faces, and many of those said they were motivated to participate because of the 20th anniversary.  The Los Angeles Chapter is going to do a lot more events this year than in year’s past, and the 20th anniversary is a symbol that everybody can get behind; it’s an opportunity for alumni to re-engage, recommit, and re-connect to service and AmeriCorps.

We Agree Greg! Thanks to Greg, Pedro, Becca, Ryan, Ashley, Ernad and the entire chapter for a job well done and an inspiring event we can learn from and replicate!

20th Anniversary Content to Check Out and Share

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YouTube: 20th Anniversary Video produced by CNCS’

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Storify: List of Elected Officials you should Say "Thank You” to for supporting AmeriCorps

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