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Environmental Voices
Diana Epstein, Los Angeles CA
"There are small steps that every single person can take every day to protect the planet. Bike or walk instead of driving, carpool, recycle your newspapers and cans, plant a few trees. Most importantly, spread the word to your family and friends so that environmental awareness continues to increase.  We only have one Earth, and the things we do today will have lasting impacts on generations to come."
"I think we all forget sometimes, and just need a reminder everyone once in a while, that the earth we stand on and the air we breathe is shared by everyone we know and even those we don't.  By recycling, turning of the kitchen light when we leave, driving less, we may not feel and see the benefits immediately, but more generations to come will live in a cleaner, safer planet.  That's worth it to me!"
"It's hard for me to say that I feel that one environmental concern is more important or more urgent than another; life is so inexorably intertwined and harm to it is so symbiotic in nature - what harms one piece, ultimately harms others - it's compounding and relational.  Environmental protection is vital to ensure not only a quality of life, but of life in general. For me, environmental protection is the protection of life; what could be more important? How could one not be passionate about that?" 

"We can take steps everyday in (not so) little ways to protect our planet. It's about changing habits, shifting paradigms and altering lifestyle to be more deliberate in our actions and non-actions.  Perhaps we give up some "comfort" we have become accustomed to, but are we knowingly supporting short-term convenience over long-term quality of life?  Are we acquiescing to perpetuate a "fast-food" lifestyle because it's easier and apathy has crept in, or do we want to start building a market and demand for a "slow-food" culture that is just as valuable and yet more sustainable? One person can make a big difference.  Educate yourself, start with yourself.  Others will see how easy it is and take heed.  Everyone doesn't have to change in everyway, just find ways that you can.  Then, when that is comfortable, find more.  Keep challenging yourself. Nobody's perfect, but as long as we remain open to change we can change.  Just pausing to think about our impact and our abilities is a catalyst for more mindful action."
"Environmental protection is so important because if we don't protect the earth no one else will! If we fail to protect we are asing for an eviction from our planet! As human beings that live here we have to step up and give back what we are always taking and start preserving the earth.
We can take steps to protect our earth by educating ourselves about environmental protection. See what is going on with our planet and save it by doing simple things like recycling, preserving wilderness, save gas, save energy, save water, plant trees, stop litter, etc. We can adjust to do these things in everyday life.  Each issue to me is equally important because the earth works in a cycle. Each issue should be stressed in order to protect the environment and save earth."
Stephanie Faile, Casper, WY
"Aside from wanting my children to be able to take a deep breath in fifty years, I just want to be able to enjoy my environment. People weren’t meant to be cooped up in stuffy buildings; we’re meant to enjoy the trees and the mountains and (in Wyoming) cold, cold water. None of these will still be available unless we start paying attention to what the earth is trying to tell us.  Although we probably won’t see the exaggerated effects like in the move The Day After Tomorrow, the gradual, subtler effects are just as dramatic: wacky weather, rising ocean levels (due to ice caps melting), and increasingly higher temperatures. This is just unacceptable, and something about which everyone should be concerned."
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