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Sample Fax to Congress Seeking Co-sponsor

Sample Fax to Representative Gene Green- 29th Congressional District of Texas
Sample Fax to Representative Jack Kingston- 1st Congressional District of Georgia
1. Identify yourself: Note that you are a constituent and a proud AmeriCorps alum (or family member/friend of an alum)
2. Keep it personal: Be sure to note how the issue affects you
3. Make the ask: In the letter, ask your representative to co-sponsor HR 1596
4. Next Steps: Let your representative know that they should contact Brendan Devine in Congressman John Lewis' office at 202.225.3801 if more information is needed or if he/she agrees to co-sponsor HR 1596.
5. Include a copy of Congressman Lewis' and Porter's Dear colleague letter:  Along with your handwritten note, send a copy of Congressman Lewis' and Congressman Porter's "Dear Colleague" letter (view and print here) as part of your fax.  This is an official letter coming from Congressman John Lewis and Congressman Jon Porter that urge their colleagues to co-sponsor HR 6407.
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