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Oregon Retreat Notes

AmeriCorps Alumni Oregon


“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens

can change the world.  Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.”



Saturday, January 21, 2006

Location: Asian Reporter Conference Room



  1. Justin, NCCC
  2. Mary Jo, NCCC
  3. Bianca, NCCC
  4. Kimberly, VISTA (Oregon Food Bank)
  5. Bethy, Current Member HS Career Training
  6. Patricia, VISTA
  7. Curtis, American Red Cross
  8. Becky, Volunteer Montana & Idaho
  9. Amy, Lowell, MA Asian Center, VISTA – ARC
  10. Maighie, Current VISTA
  11. Jennifer, Current VISTA




Ø       Involved in a lot of Alum Events and would like to see it take off now! (sustainable)

Ø       Comradery/Network System that can be created

Ø       Productive in out timeframe

Ø       See a Structure (Specifics) and Accountability

Ø       Calendar!

Ø       Tie in the current members with Alumni (outreach)

Ø       Time for Introverts

Ø       Commitments




Ø       Respect the person who has the floor

Ø       Time for Introverts

Ø       Commitments

Ø       Appreciate other people’s opinion

Ø       Continue Moving Forward

Ø       Introverts Step Up – Extroverts Step Back




Creating a Vision: Where do we want to go?


Visual Explorer Exercise

Guiding Question: If AmeriCorps Alums Oregon were fulfilling its mission the fullest, what would that look like? Go look at the photo graphs and pick a picture that speaks to your vision of where the group is going!

Ø       Maighie (Running a race): Acting as cheerleaders for current corps members, help them transition

Ø       Justin (Guy sitting in a tree): Set the tone and take this group to a higher level

Ø       Patricia (Man in a suit in a field): Professional, but ready to the hard work.  A lot of work to be done.

Ø       Bianca (rock star in a phone box): We are all alums together in this phone box, we need to be seen

Ø       Bethy (Hippo head sticking out of the water): This group needs to kick butt, this hippo head is really just the ‘tip of the iceberg’ – soo much more underneath

Ø       Mary Jo (Picture of two people laying on the ground): Network of friends that perpetuates our personality and like minded spirit

Ø       Kimberly (Runners running alongside a mountain): Personal Goal of deciding to be a runner (and she’s not); this group can us all finish the race – do service.

Ø       Becky (shirts going by the buffet table): Having some structure and dependability, something established – so many people have done this together and we don’t have a way to find each other

Ø       Jennifer (Guy with a blanket that says ‘impossible is nothing’): He is at peace with himself, all the messages that he is wearing

Ø       Curtis (Guy climbing a Mountain covered in ice): A tough mountain ahead, but look at steps that we are leaving behind

Ø       Amy (Guy Juggling Peppers <5 peppers>): We should have a lot of fun doing complicated things not even doing your real job…it’s alright to be juggling on the side and be happy.


Vision Statement #1: AmeriCorps Alums is a vibrant network of national service alumni who serve as leaders in our community by remaining civically engaged, supporting and promoting national service programs and acting as resources to fellow members and alumni.

Mission Statement:


AmeriCorps Alums Oregon provides resources and support to engage national service alumni in continued service and civic engagement


AmeriCorps Alums Oregon engages national service alumni in a lifelong commitment to service and civic engagement.


Mission Statements Should Include:

Ø      Products or services offered (What are the customer opportunities or need that we exist to address?

o       Recruiting, service projects, supporting/engaging, connecting/Uniting. Resource

Ø      What are we doing to address these customer opportunities or needs?

o       Point of contact, Providing opportunities to do service with other alumni, recruit/outreach, Creating networks that unite alumni and keep them involved to serve community and sustainable network

Ø      What principals or beliefs guide our organization?

o       Love for service, Intentionally reflect the diversity of National Service programs in our local community, For the sake of creating a more just world, break down barriers and bridge the gaps within our community.

Ø      Name and location of the company.

o       AmeriCorps Alums Oregon in Oregon

Ø      Future direction of the company.



Group #1

AmeriCorps Alums Oregon is a sustainable network of diverse alumni who value community (and national) service.  We convene and create opportunities for current members and alumni to unite and strengthen our communities.


Group #2

AmeriCorps Alums Oregon are committed, dedicated citizens, who create a sustainable networks that intentionally includes the diversity of AmeriCorps by promoting national service programming that will create a stronger healthier Oregon.



The AmeriCorps alumni network existing to further our commitment to service to oppose apathy and to forge connection that will mobilize our communities towards a more just and compassionate nations.




Brainstorming Big Audacious Goals (BAG)


Audacious Scale

Ø       Done in a day……………………..1

Ø       -----------------------------

Ø       Pie in the Sky…………………….10



2        Electronic Version Monthly Communication with Alums (5 Votes)

6        Paper Version Monthly Communication with Alums (5 Votes)

10      Permanent Office Space

2        Monthly Social Gathering (10 Votes)

1        Monthly Service Project (10 Votes)

7        Autonomous Website (1 Vote)

4                   Speakers Bureau Education/Outreach – CAP’ers (7 Votes)

5        Current Member Mentor Program (1 Vote)

8        Street Credit – Political Community Influence, Well respected group (3 Votes)

3        Ties with other well respected organizations (3 Votes)

6        Advocating for Members (Providing Services/Benefits) (3 Votes)

3        Write Organized Business Plan (focus on Sustainability and funding) (4 Votes)

10      Do Organized Business Plan (focus on Sustainability and funding) (4 Votes)

5        Create leadership group structure where people will/can fluidly handle turnover

2        Locally Market group to Current Members

          Every Current Oregon member gets a flyer from us in exit paperwork package

3        Defined opportunities from leadership within current AmeriCorps Programs

1        Create a strong partnership with Leader Corps

3        Sponsored Half Hour with S.M.A.R.T

6        Media Presence

1        Communicate to the Media

9        Expand Beyond Portland

10      Service Efforts – Alumni Connection – Assist in Starting Up Satellite Chapters

9        Have a Grants Program (4 Votes)

9        Fundraising (3 Votes)

4        Political/Advocacy Arm for Issues Related to National Service (1 Vote)

9        Career/School Resource Center: resume bulding/interview skills (wkshp) (2 Vts)

          **Hooking Alum Professionals together – Lawyers reaching out

          **Skills Bank and face-to-face permanent office conference/workshop

5                   Famous Alums/Hall of Fame/Less of the Alums…More for the Movement

6                   Recruitment - 200 meeting by May 2006 (9 Votes)

Audit: Where are we now?


To Be Addressed…


Leadership Structure


Executive Team Expectations

Who’s Invited? Anybody willing to commit to 12 months  on the executive team

Ø      Minimum expectation of 1 meeting outside of normal monthly meeting

Ø      Willing to take responsibly to facility the goals set out by the group

Ø      A Minimum of 3 and maximum of 5 People

Ø      Attempt to representative of the entire groups opinions

Ø      Performance and participation is subject to evaluation of the Leadership Team

Ø      Clarify Assigned Tasks with committee members and monitor their Activities

Ø      Decide which decisions will be make by the executive committee and Leadership Committee

Ø      Set and Run general leadership meetings – Be the Central Contact

Ø      Ensure meeting minutes are recorded and meeting details are communicated

Ø      Facilitate, organize, schedule, implement, delegate responsibilities @ meetings

Ø      Organize Annual Leadership Retreat



Leadership Team Expectations

Who’s Invited? Anybody willing to commit to 12 months on the leadership team

Ø      Attend the monthly leadership meeting

Ø      There will be a maximum of 20 people on the leadership team

Ø      Willingness to oversee specific facets of the overall picture

Ø      Assume a leadership role

Ø      Lead at least 1 Service Project

Ø      Attend at least 3 social and service projects

Ø      Responsibility to be Pro-Active with Executive Team

Ø      Work and Review work of Executive Team

Ø      Participate/Attend 3 Social/Service Projects

Ø      Accountable to sustainable, strategic plan

Ø      Engage the larger group of alums

Ø      Figure out a way to replenish the leadership and executive teams


General Alumni Group Expectations

Who’s Invited? Anybody who is an Alumni or current member

Monthly Meetings

Minimum of Bi-Monthly Meetings


























Team Member


Team Member


Team Member

Graphical Description of our Structure



















Action Plan


See the votes on the BAG Section!

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