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ServiceNation- Day of Action
Why Service? Why This Campaign?
  • AmeriCorps Alums has partnered with The ServiceNation coalition, a leading group of service organizations brought together to create a campaign that helps to prioritize national and community service as a critical American value
  • Service is the great equalizer
  • Service builds community among people, regardless of their race, gender, or socioeconomic status
  • Service allows us to participate in something bigger than ourselves
  • Service demonstrates that our commonalities as a people are greater than our individual differences
  • In the act of transforming our communities for the better, we end up transforming ourselves
  • Now, more than ever, we need to expand opportunities for people to serve. Because we have serious issues to address:
    • our education system is failing a significant percentage of our kids
    • hunger and homelessness run rampant in our communities
    • our parks, rivers, and open spaces need protection
    • college has ceased to become affordable to most of us

Service can be a vehicle, to simultaneously address our most pressing unmet societal needs in a real way, for continuing our quest for the American Dream.

Why September 27th?
The Day of Action will take place on Saturday, September 27th, 2008. This date was specifically chosen because it is:
  • the day after the first Presidential debate
  • the day after Congress adjourns for recess, and therefore most congressional members will be in their home districts on this day
  • Public Lands Day, a day to highlight and celebrate our public green spaces across the country.
How can I help?

Alums is seeking volunteers to serve as host city project leaders. Your leadership, energy, and commitment are needed to make this national campaign a success.

Host City Project Leader Responsibilities: (responsible for making sure deliverables are accomplished but not necessarily doing it all)
  • Week of August 11th—Attend Orientation & Overview via WebEx
  • August 18th—Submit written pledge and commitment form to serve as host city project leader
  • Serve as a liaison between host city and AmeriCorps Alums
  • Coordinate with Service Nation change agents in host city (when available)
  • August 18th-September 14th—Coordinate event planning and preparation
    • Build and recruit host city team
    • Recruit and mobilize at least 100 members, alumni and friends to get involved
    • Identify high traffic locations to convene on the day of action
    • Plan logistics for the day of the event. Including the “wish for the future” media campaign
    • Fundraise for cost of day of event materials—t-shirts, stickers, posters, etc
    • Secure materials and supplies
    • Connect with media outlets
    • Contact key public officials and invite them to attend event.
  • September 19th-List of confirmed event participants submitted to AmeriCorps Alums
  • September 27th—Day of Action
    • Collect "wishes" of people event participants connect with on the DAY OF ACTION. Document via photographs
    • Track demographics of contacts
    • Circulate declaration of service and garner as many supporters as possible
    • Distribute marketing materials
    • Share your stories of service
    • Upload stories and photographs to designated website
  • October 15th—Submit accomplishment report & “wish for the future” materials.
How do I register?
Contact Rosa Moreno-Mahoney, Chair of the AmeriCorps Alums Leadership Council at
You can do anything from host a community service project to stage a concert, to invite friends and neighbors over to share stories of service. While there are strategic goals for the Day of Action (see below) there is no blueprint or formula so we are relying on your creativity and imagination to come up with an event that is reflective of your community.

AmeriCorps Alums is part of The ServiceNation coalition, which will help you out with materials and find speakers who can talk about service and its impact.  You can view the organizer's handbook for ideas and help in planning and executing your event. There will be a place on our website for you to exchange ideas, pictures and videos with others.
Why is this event important to AmeriCorps Alums?
  • Provides an opportunity to build our network of chapters across the country. This is a way to reinvigorate and engage our chapters and cultivate new leaders.
  • Kicks off our year's work on mobilizing alumni to leverage support for a national service agenda and advance AmeriCorps policy.
  • Builds awareness of AmeriCorps as a strategy to address critical social issues.
  • Fosters an ethic of service by highlighting the impact of service to meet critical social issues.
Targets Goals and Outcomes for AmeriCorps Alums Day of Impact
  • Events in at least 50 cities
  • Outreach in at least 150 sites
  • 100 event participants (per city) of which at least 25 are alumni
  • 100% of events branded with t-shirts worn by participants, marketing materials, posters and/or other collateral
  • 10,000 contacts per host city (500,000 interactions with local residents across all host cities)
  • 100% of host cities report demographics of individuals with whom contacts are made
  • 500,000 stickers and materials distributed
  • 150,000 Declaration of Service signatures obtained
  • Photos/videos of “Our Wish for the Future” from 100% of host cities
  • 10 contacts (per city) with local media outlets and/or public officials
  • Event participants report a high level of satisfaction in the event and interest in staying involved or connected with their local alumni chapter
  • New chapters created or existing chapters strengthened.
  • New chapter leaders identified

To learn more about ServiceNation, please click here.

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