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About Save Service
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Currently many young adults are either unemployed or stuck in jobs that don't fully utilize their skills and talents. With a weak labor market and many cuts to our country’s spending, one of the programs we cannot sacrifice is National Service. In 2011, we saw 582,000 applications for just 82,000 AmeriCorps slots, up from 526,000 applications the year prior- meaning nearly one million applications were rejected in the last two years.

As AmeriCorps Alums, we have served in positions that have challenged and helped us grow to be leaders on our career path. We could not be where we are at without the experiences we gained from AmeriCorps programs and it is important that we use our voices to advocate for Save Service.

As Alums, we have experiences from our AmeriCorps service that need to be heard. Stories of community outreach, team building, environment restoration, mentoring, etc that weave into the fabric of our country’s narrative. We have an obligation to lift up our voices to promote service in our local communities and let Washington know that we want service to continue to be a national priority.

Join us as part of the Save Service coalition, an alliance of service-oriented organizations that are working to prevent budget cuts to the Corporation for National and Community Service (CNCS), the federal agency responsible for funding the thousands of organizations which host AmeriCorps members.

Here you’ll find a variety of resources to help raise your voice to Save Service.

On July 11th, as part of Voices for National Service's Hill Day, two new White Paper Reports were released that outline the vital role national service plays in our communities and our nation.

"National Service: Cost-Effectively Delivering Critical Services to Americans in Need” explains how national service programs are mobilizing citizens to address pressing education and housing challenges and are providing needed capacity to disaster relief efforts across the country at a three to one return on taxpayer investment.

Click here to download "National Service: Cost-Effectively Delivering Critical Services to Americans in Need"

"National Service: Providing Pathways to Employment” highlights the unique role that national service programs play in providing Americans with the skills nonprofit, corporate and public sector employers are looking for from job applicants in this challenging economy. Given the rapid growth of the nonprofit sector – the third largest industry in America’s economy, employing 10.5 million workers or one tenth of America’s workforce, the skills acquired by citizens through service are particularly relevant to growing and strengthening the recovering American economy. With youth unemployment at historic rates, this report also demonstrates how national service programs can re-engage opportunity youth in education and prepare them for a globally competitive workforce.

Click here to download "National Service: Providing Pathways to Employment"

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