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GIVE ACT Passes Unanimously
On June 26, 2007, the Generations Invigorating Volunteerism & Education (GIVE) Act or H.R. 2857, a bill aimed at reauthorizing and reforming national service laws unanimously passed a vote by the House Education and Labor Committee by 44-0.  The bill would be the first time since the inception of the National Service Act in 1993 that changes to the structural foundation of national service have been proposed.  The 1993 National Service Act created the Corporation for National and Community Service, the entity that oversees AmeriCorps.
While many see the GIVE Act as a sign that national service is receiving the legislative prioritization necessary to catapult national service to the forefront of the American consciousness, some national service advocates feel the bill contains language that is problematic.  The bill includes language that eliminate all two-year funding for AmeriCorps*State and National DirectPrograms- essentially eliminating carry over funding that many AmeriCorps programs rely on for latitude in meeting their financial obligations from year to year.  The bill also proposes to raise the Segal AmeriCorps Education Award to $5,225 from $4,725 by 2012.  Without a single increase since its inception and education costs escalating at a rate well beyond the $500 proposed increase, some supporters think the increase is simply too small to make a practical difference.
To view the bill in its entirety at the The Library of Congress' Online Portal, please click here now. Got a comment about the bill, AmeriCorps Alums wants to hear what you think.
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