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Five Simple Ways To Help Eliminate Ed Award Tax
Over the next several weeks, AmeriCorps Alums will look to secure at least 200 Congressman as co-sponsors of HR xxxx.  For those of you who are unfamiliar with the term "co-sponsor," it simply means that a member of Congress pledges his/her support of  a specific piece of legislation by attaching his/her name to that bill as a "co-sponsor" of the bill just after it is officially announced as new legislation.  Here are five simple ways you can help AmeriCorps Alums reach the goal of 200 co-sponsors.
1. Call Your Congressman And Urge Him/Her To C0-sponsor HR xxxx
Calling your Congressman is easy and very effective.  Even if you don't speak directly to your Congressman, each call is logged and noted.  Please ask for the person in charge of "national service" when calling.  Click here for talking points.
Don't know your Congressman? FIND YOUR U.S. REPRESENTATIVE HERE.
2. Fax A Handwritten Note To Your Congressman Asking Him/Her to Co-sponsor HR xxxx
If you prefer another option, faxing in a handwritten note about the value of HR xxxx is another great way to garner the support of your Congressman.  The letter can be short and sweet, but should be handwritten. Click here for examples.
Don't know your Congressman? FIND YOUR U.S. REPRESENTATIVE HERE.
3. Meet With Your Local Congressional Office About HR xxxx
If you cannot travel to Washington DC to meet with your Congressman about HR xxxx, meeting with your District office to ask your Congressman to co-sponsor HR xxxx is the next best thing.  Congressional District offices report directly to the Congressman, and meeting with reps from these offices will help to create co-sponsorship for HR xxxx.
Don't know your Congressman? FIND YOUR U.S. REPRESENATIVE HERE.
4. Join AmeriCorps Alums' Online Web Ex Training and Call
Grassroots organizing will be a critical component to the success of this effort.  If you are interested in helping to lead this effort in your area, click here for more details or to register for our online training and conference call on Thursday, June 19, 2008 from 2PM - 3PM.

5. Thank Congressmen John Lewis (D-GA), Jim McDermott (D-WA), Jon Porter (R-NV),  and Tom Reynolds (R-NY) for leading the effort on HR xxxx
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