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Advance NCCC: Our Five Pillars
AmeriCorps Alums believes deeply in the value of NCCC, and is committed to strengthening the program by better highlighting its impact and by advocating for its solidification in the national service landscape.  NCCC alumni constitute a significant portion of our active constituency, and AmeriCorps Alums views it as our responsibility to take on a leadership role in advocacy and mobilization efforts on behalf of the program.  Through the input, guidance, and feedack of several NCCC alumni and other NCCC stakeholders who serve on the AmeriCorps Alums Advocacy Task Force,  AmeriCorps Alums has created a general framework for mobilizing alums around NCCC advocacy:
1) Information dissemination
  • The Corporation for National & Community Service (CNCS) will provide regular updates throughout the reauthorization and appropriations process, and AmeriCorps Alums will synthesize this information, and post bi-weekly updates on the AmeriCorps Alums Online Community.
  • AmeriCorps Alums will help promote the impact of NCCC by creating an FAQ document to be posted in the "Support NCCC" section of the online community.
  • Additional information will be sent out to our constituency in the form of Action Alert e-mails when necessary.
  • A designated e-mail address for NCCC questions has been established and is monitored:
2) Consolidating alumni databases
  • AmeriCorps Alums will help to consolidate all the existing databases of NCCC alumni. These include: e-Community (available from FOIA request), registered  members, alumni databases from each of the campuses, campus directories, 10 year reunion directories, and other collections such as those maintained by active NCCC alums.
  • Once the databases are combined, we will filter them by geographic area (Congressional district if possible).
3) Gathering sponsor testimonials
  • AmeriCorps Alums will compile a list of project sponsors across all campuses and all years via CNCS.
  • AmeriCorps Alums will form a committee of interested NCCC alums who will serve as leads in gathering written testimonials from project sponsors. Priority will be given to those sponsors that have been identified as strategic in terms of geography, national penetration, and other areas of influence, etc.
  • Sponsors will also have the option of e-mailing their testimonials to a designated e-mail address:
  • When appropriate, we can pull the relevant testimonials for delivery to Congressional committees, hearings, etc.
4) Gathering alumni testimonials
  • CNCS and AmeriCorps Alums will create a list of concrete things that alums can do right now. Alums will post this list on the website, and we will also send a blast e-mail to NCCC alumni asking for input about their NCCC experience. AmeriCorps Alums will serve as the lead in this effort and as the central warehouse for collecting this information.  
  • The “ask” from alums will include the following:
1. powerful civic engagement statement (2-3 sentences)
2. volunteers leveraged
3. project sponsor
4. contact information

5) Mobilizing DC-area NCCC alums

Because of its importance to the political process, it is important to develop a solid base of NCCC alums and advocates in and around the DC-area.   AmeriCorps Alums will then draw from this pool of alums/advocates when needed so that the number of NCCC advocates at meetings with members of the authorizing committee is maximized.
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