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NCCC Emerges Victorious in Budget Battle

Hello friends of NCCC,

Happy New Year! This group of alums and friends of NCCC has provided amazing support and accomplished important work contributing to the recently confirmed NCCC budget for 2008.

On December 26, President Bush signed off on the Consolidated Appropriations Act that has designated $856,331,000 for CNCS of which $23,782,000 is line itemed to the NCCC. This is a great success for the future of the NCCC. NCCC's 08 budget was originally proposed as just over $11 million earlier this year. In early November, the Conference Committee agreed upon $24,205,000 for NCCC and this was the amount incorporated into the Omnibus Language that went to the President On Dec. 17. Last week the President signed the bill!

There was a 1.747% Rescission Enacted across all the programs in the budget which results in a slightly decreased total budget for NCCC-- $23,782,000.  Your work is enabling 18-24 year olds to continue to answer the call to service and to respond to the communities who need it most across the country. Thank you for making the calls, writing the emails, organizing meetings, taking action, and sharing the requests with your networks. Thank you for being an active citizen!

Now AmeriCorps Alums requests that you support NCCC in one last manner. Even if you didn't write or call previously asking for their support, please give a call or write a note to your elected officials thanking them for supporting this important program. Your expression of thanks now will certainly help to ensure future champions of National Service within Congress. Thanks again and have a great 2008!

To locate the contact info for your elected officials, you can go here:

Sample Letter (Feel free to edit):

Dear _________:

Thank you. Thank you for your important support to AmeriCorps NCCC, CNCS, and to National Service. The recently passed appropriations will continue to enable 18-24 year olds to answer the call to service and to respond to the communities who need it most across the country. On behalf of the young people yet to serve and the communities with continued needs, thank you.

In gratitude,


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