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What is the Public Service Academy?
Founded by AmeriCorps alums Chris Myers Asch and Shawn Raymond, the U.S. Public Service Academy will be America’s first national civilian university, a flagship institution designed to build a “more perfect union” by developing leaders of character dedicated to service in the public sector.
Help Build the U.S. Public Service Academy

Recent events underscore how much our nation depends upon strong public institutions and competent civilian leadership at all levels of society. National disasters such as 9/11 and Hurricane Katrina have highlighted the importance of public service and convinced Americans that our nation must improve our capacity not only to deal with future emergencies but also to confront daily challenges both locally and globally. As part of this effort, America must create an undergraduate institution designed to develop a new generation of leaders dedicated to public service: the U.S. Public Service Academy.

The Academy will meet critical needs in American society
Our national security depends on having strong civilian leadership, and America faces a growing shortage of public servants and civic leaders at all levels of society. Yet America does not offer a national undergraduate institution dedicated to developing civilian leaders. 

Modeled on the military academies, the Academy will provide an intensive education focused on public service and leadership development to more than 5,000 students.  Spots for incoming freshmen will be allocated by state, following a congressional nomination process similar to that used for admission to the military academies. The service-oriented curriculum will emphasize leadership development and will require summer internships, study abroad, and service learning. Academy graduates will spend five years serving their nation by working as teachers, police officers, emergency responders, and other critical public service jobs at the local, state, and national levels, in both public institutions and non-profit charitable organizations. The Academy will cost roughly $205 million annually. It will be funded as a public-private partnership that would mean taxpayers would pay less than 60 cents per American.

The Academy will offer a unique contribution to American higher education
Like the military academies, the Academy will create a campus culture of service that will foster strong bonds among undergraduates committed to the same patriotic goals. The Academy will be an inspiring symbol of the federal government’s commitment to public service as essential to America’s economic and social vitality.

The Academy will become the nation’s flagship institution for public leadership.

The Academy will be the defining institution of our generation, a college that captures the patriotic spirit of our young people and channels it into public service. It will be a unifying institution that brings students from every corner of America to one campus to study, serve, and lead together.

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