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Each quarter, AmeriCorps Alums hosts a one-hour online professional development webinar or event that aims to improve your knowledge or skills in a variety of career topics. Topics include a wide array of subjects, ranging from leadership and resume assistance to career panels and graduate school.


Recent Webinars

  1. Managing Student Loans- View recording here!
  2. AmeriCorps to Corner Office- View recording here!

Top 5 Webinars

  1. Translating AmeriCorps Onto Your Resume
  2. Smart Networking - December 2014
  3. Best New Jobs For AmeriCorps Alums - November 2012
  4. Exploring Post AmeriCorps Opportunities To Do Good Overseas - April 2013
  5. The Effective Segal Ed Award - January 2015

Skills-based Webinars

Career Coaching


Undergraduate/Grad School

Exploring Careers


Civic Leadership/Community Development Careers

Nonprofit/Philanthropy Careers

International Careers

Disaster Management/Relief Careers

Environment Careers


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