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Your Eli Segal Education award helps finance your higher education pursuits and can repay loans from past education. Below, are some frequently asked questions about the award.  If you would like immediate assistance by phone, please contact the National Service Trust Hotline at 1-800-942-2677.

What Universities Match the Segal Ed Award?

For a list of schools that match the Ed Award, click here now.

What Can I Use the Education Award to Pay For?

  • An associate, undergraduate or graduate degree

    The award can help cover costs including tuition, living, etc. Also click here to see schools that will do a full or partial match to the Ed award, helping to cover more of your education costs.

  • Existing student loans

    For those who have completed school and have loans to pay off, the Ed Award can help you cover some of your loan payments. Make sure your loans are federally backed since private loans may not be eligible.

  • Study abroad programs

    If you’ve ever wanted to travel and study abroad, your Segal Ed award could help cover some of your program’s costs. Alums have been able to enroll in study abroad programs through higher education institutions and pay for their programs through the school.

  • Specialized skills programs

    If you’ve ever wanted to learn a new specialized skill, your Ed award can help pay for the classes towards your new hobby. Alums have previously used their ed award towards specialized classes, such as photography, EMT training, and even SCUBA certification. With all of these options, make sure to check with your education institution or student loan companies to see if they accept the Ed award as a form of payment.

How Long Do I Have to Use My Award?

You have 7 years from the end of service to use the award. If in 7 years you have not been able to use the full award, you can apply to have the award period extended through My AmeriCorps.

Does My Award Get Taxed?

The Ed award is subject to taxes, though you may be able to pay less in taxes per year if you use the award over multiple years. Click here for more information about the ed award taxes.

Can I Transfer My Award to My Children?

If you’re over 55 years of age and not planning on pursuing higher education, in special circumstances, you can transfer your award to your children or grandchildren. Click here for more information on transferring your Ed Award.

What Other Resources Are There To Learn More About My Eli Segal Award?


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