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Our theme this year is AmeriCorps Works. This theme communicates the value and effectiveness of AmeriCorps while providing flexibility to be used in many different contexts. It provides an overarching framework to communicate AmeriCorps triple bottom line return on investment -- for the recipients of service, the people who serve, and the larger community and nation.  For example:

AmeriCorps Works...
  • To meet pressing community needs
  • To make our communities safer, stronger, and healthier
  • To improve the lives of vulnerable Americans
  • To build the next generation of nonprofit leaders
  • To develop innovative community solutions
  • To mobilize volunteers and resources to strengthen America's voluntary sector
  • To expand economic and educational opportunity for those who serve
The theme can be tailored to connect to specific individuals, locations, issues, and communities. For example:  AmeriCorps Works…
  • To give me the skills I need to succeed in life (individual member)
  • To increase childhood literacy in Minnesota (state commission)
  • To help veterans adjust to civilian life through a new service mission (focus area)
  • To rebuild Joplin better than it was before (community)
  • To expand the reach and impact of my nonprofit (grantee)To jumpstart my career in education (alumni)

Don't Miss the AmeriCorps Alums Career Panel

AmeriCorps Alums is hosting a 2012 AmeriCorps Week Career panel designed to give you insight into leverage your AmeriCorps skills and making them work in your career field.  The webinar will occur on March 13, 2012 from 1:30 PM to 2:30 PM, and will feature a cross segment of AmeriCorps alumni from a variety of careers.  Register here, and please share with those persons in your network who think may be interested.



1. Photography Project - AmeriCorps Works
AmeriCorps Alums wants to capture images of AmeriCorps alums at their workplace.  Just download and print this sign, take a picture of it next to your work logo/work sign, and e-mail the .jpg to Ken Tran at  Also include your first and last name, and service year(s) you served in AmeriCorps.

2. AmeriCorps At Bat – AmeriCorps at the Ballpark

Contact your local baseball team (Major League or a smaller AAA/AA team) to host an AmeriCorps night at the ballpark! Ask your friends and networks if they know anyone that works at the stadium and if not, contact them and request to speak to the Community Relations office or manager and describe how an AmeriCorps Night would be beneficial to the stadium and to the community (encouraging service, etc.). You can download our 1 pager about what National AmeriCorps Week events at stadiums have looked like in past years… but feel free to come up with your own ideas as well!  Download the AmeriCorps at Bat planner

3. Lead a Service Project using Get HandsOn Project Playbooks

Is there a better way to celebrate service than to actually serve? Plan a project using Points of Light's Get HandsOn Project Playbooks. Be sure to set aside some time before and after to hand out information about AmeriCorps (available online here), tell people about service and discuss/reflect on how AmeriCorps has impacted your life. It’s always fun to plan a social event for after your service, so be sure to connect to a local establishment and have an after-project celebration!

4. Plan an Awareness/Outreach Event

AmeriCorps members, alumni, and programs have great stories to tell and lots of fantastic advice about the myriad of benefits a year of service offers. Arrange a public speaking opportunity (or two or three) at a local school or college, community group, youth group or before a local organization like the Rotary Club or Chamber of Commerce. Talk about your AmeriCorps experience and the difference that AmeriCorps has made in your life and the people you have met along the way. It only has to be for an hour or so and if you get some in-kind food donations and stage a nice video you can really get people excited about the power of serving their community! View inspirational AmeriCorps videos to download and share!

5. Stage a Special Event/Fundraiser

Everyone likes special events, especially if they help your organization fulfill its mission. AmeriCorps Week is the perfect time to host an Open House, sponsor a local service project, or connect with other AmeriCorps programs in your area to stage a joint volunteer recruitment fair. Another idea is to hold a Community Appreciation Reception to thank your AmeriCorps program’s funders, volunteers, and other partners for their support. The events need not be formal or expensive – it’s the spirit that counts!

6. Honor someone as ‘AmeriCorps for a Day’

Ask a local official, potential funder, celebrity, or reporter to become an AmeriCorps member for a day—or even a half-hour, if that’s what they can offer. Once they get an inside a look at your organization and the work that AmeriCorps members do, they’re certain to gain a deeper appreciation of the value of your program to the community. Similarly, why not invite young people from the community, friends, or family members to serve beside you or your members for a day, either as part of your/their regular duties or on a special AmeriCorps Week project.

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